Legal, Compliance & Governance Audits


Welcome to the Legal, Compliance & Governance Audits section of our law firm’s website, where we specialize in conducting comprehensive assessments of legal, regulatory, and governance frameworks to ensure organizational integrity, compliance with laws and regulations, and effective risk management practices. Our experienced team of attorneys offers tailored audit services to businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies, providing valuable insights and recommendations to enhance legal compliance, mitigate risks, and strengthen governance structures. Whether you require a review of corporate policies, compliance with industry regulations, or assessment of internal controls, we are committed to delivering thorough and insightful audits that support your organization’s objectives and promote a culture of accountability and transparency.

Legal, Compliance & Governance Audits

Legal audits guarantee the sustainability of business enterprises. The firm boasts of wealthy experience and expertise in conducting the mandatory governance and legal audits under the Mwongozo Code of Conduct for State Corporations and Capital Markers Authority regulations for listed entities.

Several members of the firm have been trained and certified, and are involved in conducting legal and governance audits for an extensive client base which include leading corporates, government bodies and leading institutions of learning.

The firm also engages in training on legal audits and governance.


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