Public Procurement & Public Private Partnerships


Welcome to the Public Procurement & Public Private Partnerships section of our law firm’s website, where we offer specialized legal expertise in guiding government agencies, private sector entities, and public-private partnerships (PPPs) through the intricate processes of procurement, contracting, and collaborative ventures. With a deep understanding of the legal frameworks governing public procurement and PPPs, our experienced attorneys provide strategic counsel on bidding processes, contract negotiations, regulatory compliance, risk management, and dispute resolution, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and accountability in public sector transactions. Whether you are a government entity seeking to procure goods and services or a private sector participant looking to engage in PPP projects, we are committed to delivering tailored legal solutions that facilitate successful outcomes and foster sustainable partnerships for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

Public Procurement & Public Private Partnerships

The firm offers customized solution to its clients in the sector. Our team has a wealth of experience in public procurement and PPPs. We have been involved in advising clients and representing clients in complex disputes arising from some of the largest infrastructural tender projects in Kenya.

We have ability to advise on preparation of tender documents and responses to proposal requests, assist in tender clarification responses, negotiation and finalization of contracts, advising on contract implementation (including dispute resolution and avoidance) and offering general advisory services relating to public procurement and PPPs.


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