Legislative Drafting, Regulatory Impact Assessments and Policy Development


Welcome to the Legislative Drafting, Regulatory Impact Assessments, and Policy section of our law firm’s website, where we offer specialized expertise in assisting government agencies, policymakers, and organizations in navigating the intricate process of drafting legislation, conducting regulatory impact assessments, and formulating effective policies. With a focus on precision, clarity, and effectiveness, our experienced attorneys provide comprehensive support in crafting laws, analyzing the impact of regulatory proposals, and shaping policy initiatives to address complex societal challenges and achieve legislative objectives. Whether you require assistance in drafting new laws, assessing the consequences of regulatory changes, or formulating evidence-based policies, we are committed to delivering innovative legal solutions that advance your goals and uphold principles of good governance, accountability, and social justice.

Legislative Drafting, Regulatory Impact Assessments and Policy

The firm has an extensive experience in legislative drafting and have been engaged by various County Governments in drafting legislation, regulations and policies. We also offer training on drafting legislation and policies.

Our expertise extends to advising clients on compliance with Constitutional requirements for drafting legislation as well as requirements set out in statute, more particularly the Statutory Instruments Act.

Most notable assignments in this area include assisting clients to comply with the requirements for public participation and consultation, laying of subsidiary legislation before parliament/county assemblies, preparation and publication of Regulatory Impact Statements. We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of conducting Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIAs).


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